Rigid PVC Post Foundation Sleeve

Catalogue Ref: VSPS22510. Our rigid PVC post foundation sleeve is 225mm internal diameter, high strength and lightweight construction, and supplied in 1-metre lengths, which can be easily cut down on site to suit the application.

PVC Post Caps

We supply a range of post caps in the size: 50mm square, 80mm square, 60mm diameter, 76mm diameter and 89mm diameter.

Banding Straps

Our banding straps come in 3 standard pre-cut lengths or can be bought by the reel with all the necessary buckles and tooling.

Tamtorque Straps

Our straps suit column dia: 50mm – 70mm, 70mm – 100mm, 100mm – 130mm, 130mm – 190mm, 190mm – 250mm and 250mm – 340mm

Clips for circular posts

We supply a range of clips for circular posts. The sizes available are 60mm Dia, 76mm Dia and 89mm Dia.