Viewtec Signs replaces the Theatre Royal's famous lettering

"We've been looking at the portico for some time because it's been a long time since it's been painted," Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall technical director Dave Guy says.

Andy Cooper of Viewtec Signs replaces the Theatre Royal's famous lettering.

The £60,000 project involved getting in a company that specialises in historic building repair.
"We needed to get the right people in for that work," Dave says. "We're looking to get it back to what it was."
Some of the changes will be quite obvious.

They're changing the lettering, which dated back to the last big refurbishment in 1978 and was looking a bit tired. It was plastic lettering that had, at one point, been gold. Over the years, parts of it had faded to pink.
Now the plastic's been replaced with stainless steel.
Fans of typography will be relieved to learn that they have kept the same font.

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